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Meet Sippline,

the drinking shield, your BFF when it comes to oral hygiene.

We all like to enjoy beverages when out of our home.

STOP and THINK, how often have you asked for a glass to be changed or surreptitiously wiped the rim of the glass or a cup before consuming your beverage?

The section of the glass which is most exposed to human touch is the RIMS.

Well, many of us avoid touching the glass rim by using a straw to enjoy our beverage. But does the drink taste the same? Are you able to savour the taste and flavours the same way as you do when you sip it from the glass or cup?

Have you given a thought to the straw’s journey  till it reached you… the hygiene associated with it? NO! Time to Think.

What if every time you stepped out of home, you could be assured, of the enjoyment of your favorite beverage, in its full flavor, & your lips would always touch a sterile surface? 

Well, now you can, thanks to the invention of the new and patented oral hygiene product– Sippline™, the drinking shield

Sippline when ooh
what makes Sippline your BFF
your BFF ?

It is pocket-friendly, both in SIZE  and PRICE.

It comes in medical-grade packaging and is sterilized to ensure bacteria free sipping of your favourite beverage.

Check your pack to be sure that your unit is sterilized the rectangular box at the top of packaging should be grey green not grey pink.

It is easy to use and fits most glasses and cups.

Why Sippline™?

Sippline is an oral hygiene product used on the rims of the glass, cup, mug to avoid lips coming in direct contact with the rim of the glass while drinking.

Add a style to sipping of your beverage with our colourful line up.
Sippline, the drinking shield, has been carefully crafted out of a food-grade polymer,
it lends style, without compromising on the experience of sipping from the actual glassware.
It can be used multiple times.

Customers share how Sippline, the drinking shield, adds to their confidence when they step out of home and why its an integral part of their travel hygiene kit.
  • Sippline is my go to product when I am out of home. I carry it wherever I go. Highly recommend it!

  • Sippline, my new hygiene partner, is great! It allows me to have a nice safe and hygienic drink when i am out!

  • Sippline is an amazing product, I highly recommend it to everyone to use it. It prevents cross-contamination & maintains a good hygiene.


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