Questions our Customers Asked

Is Sippline reusable?

Yes, Sippline is designed to be re-used several times over. We offer various Carry pouches, Zip locks and even a UVC dis-infection box which can disinfect not just your Sippline, but also your mobile phone, keys, wallet, credit cards and the likes

Hotels offer straws for cocktails and juices, do I need Sippline ?

Straws while offering an option of not sipping from the rim of the glass are not very hygienic. Sippline in contrast is sterilized packed in no touch till you open medical grade packaging. Moreover, plastic straws are banned in most states the alternate paper straws provide a poor substitute as often lace the drink with an after taste and get soggy in 15-20 mins.

Corona is going to be over soon so why Sippline?

Sippline is about oral hygiene, ensuring no matter what you drink and where you drink, you do not contact a bug on account of cross contamination while drinking. This would include viral/ flu/ cough/cold and any seasonal ailment outbreaks.

So, Sippline has a life and relevance beyond Corona, it is habit forming and a lifestyle change.

Why Sippline fits only on one side, and why not the whole glass?

Sippline was designed with care post careful understanding on how people consume beverages. We found that humans by habit drink from one side of the cup or glass.

We also wanted to have a design that could embrace most glasses available in the market.

The final design was arrived at on factoring in these two considerations.  Consumers get a sterile surface to sip from & it fits most glasses/ cups in the market.

Where is the manufacturing/ production done?

This is a Made India product under the Atmanirbhar Bharat programme, out of our factories in Pune.

In some of the glasses Sippline does not fit

We designed Sippline taking into account the popular glassware offered across establishments.

If you experience a lack of fitment of Sippline to a cup/ glass please share the feedback, we are collecting data on the same to factor the missing sizes into our testing for future production cycles.

People are not taking proper care of hygiene why will they use Sippline

People may become negligent again but given this last year, we doubt if there is anyone who has not redefined hygiene for themselves.

We believe that once the consumer understands the contribution this simple attachment  is making in helping them stay healthy there is no way they will not use it.

While fixing the product in the glass we use our hands and what if hands are infected.

Sippline is supposed to be opened from its packaging and fixed on the glass only before its use and by the user themselves. We recommend people using washed hands to do the same.

Does Sippline fit all sizes of glasses?

We believe that Sippline will fit 90% of the glasses available in a dining outlet.

What are the colours available?

Clear, White, Red, Gold, Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow, Brown and customizable for orders in bulk

What is the price of the product?

  • Pack of 2 – Rs. 130
  • Pack of 5- Rs. 288
  • Pack of 10- Rs. 509

Questions the Hospitality Fraternity posed

If we offer Sippline & the guest takes it home .. how does my establishment benefit?

  1. When you offer Sippline to guests, you are demonstrating your intent of going the extra mile to ensure your guest has a safe & hygienic experience at your establishment.
  2. Depending on your establishment you could offer this to the customer in 3 ways:
    • Educate them and let them buy it from a vending machine
    • Offer it as a optional cutlery item very much like bottled water o
    • Offer as a part of the cutlery and encourage customers to carry it with them. For the later you can work with us to have your branding on it and this could well become your marketing tool and a constant reminder to the guest that you care.

Will a guest bear the cost of the product

Personal Hygiene has never been more in focus than now. Each customer wishes to exemplify it, if we can convey the benefits there will be no question on the cost

Questions the Corporates posed

Can we order in bulk?

Yes, please connect with us at info@wepune.co.in

Can colors be customized?

If the order is above a certain number of units it can be done

Can I get my branding on it

If the order is above a certain number of units it can be done