Group Companies

The Warrier Consortium

Warrier Electronics:

Warrier Electronics (WE), which offers the brand WEFIRE, brings to market solutions for Automatic Fire detection and suppression systems for various business-critical microenvironments such as CNC Machines, Electrical Panels, Server racks etc. 

Established in the year 2010 in Pune (India), a period when startups were looked at ambiguously, Warrier Electronics® did not just survive, but thrived and achieved various growth milestones from being a sub-dealer to a dealer to a manufacturer within a decade; and has become the default choice of many OEM’s for WEFIRE™ critical component fire suppression systems, serving across India

WE is an authorized distributor for International companies such as Firetrace International Ltd. (U.S.A) and AIRfire Worldwide (ARMANfire Chef) (Italy).

Warrier Sicura: 

Warrier Sicura started in 2018, focusses on Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for kitchen hoods in the commercial kitchen such as Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens and Industries across India. Warrier Sicura was able to post a profit by the second year of its operation and with milestone projects under its belt, such as Marriott & Infosys.

Warrier Self Adhesives: Warrier Self Adhesives (WSA), started in 1994, is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered SSI manufacturing unit for custom made vinyl stickers, decals and labels for industrial and numerous other applications.

 The product line consists of: custom made vinyl stickers, automotive decals, various types of PVC labels including, Foil & Polyester labels, Polycarbonate decals, High Intensive Reflective stickers, Tamper proof decals, Screen printed vinyl decals, Bumper stickers, Windshield labels, Thermal stickers, Carbon Fiber vinyl decals, Laminated stickers, Write and Protect stickers, Double Sided Adhesive stickers, Removable stickers, Anti Shrink labels, Protective labels and many more.

Warrier Safe Shields: The most recent addition to the Warrier consortium, incorporated on 27 August 2020, is a manufacturer of plastic and rubber products that promote hygiene. The first offering from its stable is the patented Sippline™, the drinking Shield, which is already creating waves in the market.