Drinking shield with an aim to revolutionise oral hygiene

Drinking shield with an aim to revolutionise oral hygiene

ET Hospitality World | Sakshi Singh | February 3, 2021

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Covid has led to reimagine the aspects of hygiene in the various public domains. Sippline, announced to the world in August 2020 is a product diversification in oral hygiene from Warrier Safe Shields, a new venture from the house of Warrier Electronics (WEFIRE). Some hotels and restaurants have adopted

this product for adding another layer of protection for their customer’s oral hygiene to prevent cross-contamination from glassware. Sippline promises to redefine hygienic drinking experience when out of the home. This innovative product can help the hospitality industry go the extra mile to ensure hygienic drinking while using glassware at their establishment. “The concept of a hygienic drinking shie

ld for a glass/cup is altogether new not just in India but anywhere in the world. We are addressing a very real and significant problem of hygienic consumption of beverages in public places. Having identified this gap in oral hygiene, putting my Hospitality background to use I came up with the solution -Sippline a new standard and a benchmark in oral hygiene, a protective shield between your lips and the rim of the glass. It ensures no matter where you drink & what you drink, your lips touch a sterile, clean surface,” Rohit Warrier, CEO and Founder, Warrier Safe Shields started with. Being the first of its kind in the world, Warrier sees a huge market for the product. According to him, Sippline is about behavioural change towards a more hygiene conscious living. “Once we are able to make the turn there is no stopping the demand for what we have to offer,” he added. Drinking shield with an aim to revolutionise oral hygiene

Currently, Sippline is in the nascent stage and it requires constant education more than selling. “Our goal will also be about educating individuals and the hospitality industry, along with creating awareness about the availability of a product to enhance drinking hygiene with Sippline. We are tackling a big lacuna in hygienic drinking that has been begging to be addressed with a simple and very cost-effective solution,” he said. “In the last few months as awareness has started spreading, we have started seeing interest & demand for the product. While we are available online on amazon and on wepune.co.in, we have spread our wings offline in catering to few stand-alone restaurants and hope to be present offline across markets in the next few months,” Warrior further added.

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