Sippline Enhances Oral Hygiene

Sippline Enhances Oral Hygiene

itVARnews | December 23, 2020

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What was the rationale behind Sippline?

Glass hygiene in a public place has always been questionable, while some of us surreptitiously explore ways to clean the rim, a large number of turn a blind eye. Rohit Warrier of Warrier Electronics identified this gap in oral hygiene. Using his Hospitality background to his advantage set out to find a solution.

Sippline was his answer setting a new standard in oral hygiene, a protective shield between your lips and the rim of the glass. It ensures no matter where you drink & what you drink, your lips touch a sterile, clean surface. Designed for Glassware, Sippline is envisaged to change the way people enjoy a drink out of their homes. Sippline, announced to the world in August 2020 is a product diversification in oral hygiene from Warrier Safe Shields, a new venture from the house of Warrier Electronics a renowned name in fire suppression solutions.

What are the main features of Sippline?

The salient features of Sippline include:

Sippline Safety:        

  • Sterilized and free of disease-causing bacteria
  • Avoids cross contamination
  • Enhances personal hygiene
  • No human touch after sterilization, until it is opened by the user for use!

Sippline Style:

  • Smooth finish to replicate the feel of glass/ cup
  • Multiple color choice for differentiation within family members


  • Food grade material
  • Heat resistant
  • Reusable (by same individual)
  • Recyclable
  • Odorless
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Non-Toxic BPA free (Bisphenol A)


  • Medical grade sterilized packaging
  • Special inks on packaging for Sterilization Identification with colour

Who are the intended target audience for Sippline?

Anyone and everyone who is stepping out to dine or drink, travellers, office goers – in short anyone stepping out of home come under the intended target audience.

Hospitality Industry: This provides yet another tool for the segment to gain confidence of the guests on the extra mile they are going to ensure their hygiene & well being

What will be Sippline’s GTM model?

At the present, for end consumers Sippline will be available both online and Offline. Currently available on Amazon and the Warrier Electronics website, Sippline will soon be available at megastores across the country.

How is the Sippline pricing model being fixed?

Sippline will be sticking to a cost-Plus pricing. Keeping to our objective of being pocket friendly both in size and price, these are the retail SKUs being offered: ₹131 for a pack of 2 ;₹ 288 for pack of 5 ; ₹509 for a pack of 10

What are the other products and services in Warrier Safe Shield portfolio other than Sippline?

Sippline is the first product from the company. At the moment, several ideas are being explored. However, right now the focus is completely on getting Sippline to masses.

What is overall GTM strategy for Warrier Safe Shields?

We are looking to initiate an outreach program to educate people about Sippline and its benefits.

Product availability wise, we are focusing on the following areas

  • Online & Offline – for end users
  • Distributors/ Partners – for Hotels
  • B2B (Hotels)

What is the story behind the genesis of Warrier Safe Shields?

I as a reflex always identify a tea vendor close to any office I am headed for a meeting. It is typically my go to stop before the meeting for a recharge cuppa and a ponder stop post the meeting.

No matter where I went, I was always annoyed by the tell-tale marks of an earlier sipper on the rim of the glass. I often asked for a change of glass or cleaned the rim with a handy tissue, but it always bothered me – there had to be a better way. I also recalled my outings to restaurants and pubs, and realised that I was habituated to cleaning the glass rims – this line of thought backed by my hospitality background gave birth to Sippline.

Sippline addressed a real NEED that existed but not something people were really aware of. I searched the market worldwide but I could not find anything that addressed this concern anywhere in the world. It was then I knew I had to Launch Sippline, the drinking shield that will revolutionize the way people drink.

What will be your key focus areas for the next 12-18 months?

Sippline is at its nascent stage. As the idea and product, both are novel, new and fresh, creating awareness in the market will be critical and currently our prime focus. Especially considering the current pandemic, it feels like a responsibility to get both the product and awareness in the market, as we believe the sooner people adopt it, it will not only prevent spread of illnesses on account of cross-contamination but will act as a roadblock in the spread of COVID.

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