The Patent Certificate granted is for a term of 20 years in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970.

Sippline, launched in August 2020, aims in revolutionizing hygienic drinking from glassware in public places. Government of India has approved the IP Rights for Start-ups to nurture their innovation and creativity for its novelty.Sippline is a new standard and a benchmark in oral hygiene, a protective shield between your lips and the rim of the glass. It ensures no matter where you drink and what you drink, your lips touch a sterile, clean surface.

It addresses a major drawback of hygienic consumption of beverage when out of the home. This medical-grade sterilized product will reduce the risk of cross-contamination from the use of glassware in public places.

Commenting on the new achievement, Rohit Warrier, CEO and Founder, Warrier Safe Shields, said, “We are excited to announce the breakthrough we have achieved with the patent for Sippline. With life returning to normalcy, we are still fighting the pandemic along with the various viruses and flu that riddle our part of the geography daily.

“Sippline with its layer of protection prevents the spread of these ailments. Being the first of its kind in the world I see a huge market for Sippline; it is about behavioural change towards a more hygiene conscious living and hence adoption may take some time but once we can make the turn there is no stopping the demand for what we have to offer.”

Sippline is designed for multiple uses.

Sippline is made of food-grade material, is heat resistant and dishwasher friendly. Sippline fits perfectly on most glasses and cups such as Water Goblet, Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, VIVA 48, weighing less than 5 grams at a pocket-friendly price.