Sippline™ Drinking Shield

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Sippline, an oral hygiene product is made of food-grade polymer.

Pocket friendly both in size and price is a must addition to your travel hygiene kit.

Sippline enhances personal hygiene, making it a must-have health and hygiene product not only for you but for every member of the family.

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The Need

Maintaining good hygiene has been a part of our culture, somewhere in our haste to sneer at it in the name of modernization we left that behind.

The Pandemic has been a rude reminder of the same. As we bring back habits that inculcate hygiene in our routine, Sippline is one to be adopted. It prevents you and your loved ones from catching flu, viral infections and the like from cross-contamination while drinking a beverage at a restaurant.

Know your Sippline

Sippline comes in medical-grade sterilized packaging. That is not all you can tell by seeing your unit if the packaging is intact and unit sterilized.

Be an informed user, when you buy a Sippline check. If the box at the top of packaging is Grey + Green you are holding a sterilized factory sealed unit with packing intact, if that tag is Pink + Green then the sterilization of the unit has been compromised.

We would recommend washing it before use or get a new unit.

In case you receive a shipment with defective units give us a shout out and we will sort it for you.

Sippline Fitment

Sippline has been tested to fit most popular glasses used in the hospitality industry.

While Sippline fits all standard glasses and cups offered in the industry it has been particularly tested on Water Goblet, Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, VIVA 48, Pilsner, White Wine, Centro High Ball.

Using Sippline

Sippline is as much a lifestyle change as is a habit change. A simple pocket-friendly accessory that you will never want to leave home without. Just tear the packing from the edge, fish out the Sippline and slip it on the rim of your glass or cup from one end and slide it into you glass or cup before sipping.

Sippline can be reused

Sippline is a must carry when you are are stepping out of home. So how do you make sure you always have one in your bag. Sippline has been carefully crafted to allow multiple use.
To use it right and ensure it stays a loyal friend and protects you from cross contamination, here are a few steps to follow.

Whether you use a dishwasher or wash utensils by hand here are a few simple steps to ensure your Sippline is clean and ready to accompany you on your next venture.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Sippline™ Drinking Shield

  1. Richa Minda

    Richa Minda recommends Sippline
    “Sippline is a very innovative, brilliant and much required product for maintaining Hygiene & Health.”

  2. Nimisha Tiwari (verified owner)

    Nimisha Tiwari, Editor, Economic Times Travel & recommends adding Sippline to your travel kit.
    “In our travel kit, here’s a sound suggestion carry #Sippline for drinking safely from any cup or glass on-the move”

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